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Each of us is here with a call to be extraordinary, to boldly embody our dreams and express our uncommon soulful beauty. 

Whatever your level of achievement, there is SO much more available to you — more joy, clarity, vision, inspiration, impact and fulfillment.


My name is Mira Rubin, and I’m here to help you dream your biggest dream — the one that is both terrifying in its enormity and exhilarating in its scope — the dream that calls you to live beyond the limits of who you believe yourself to be, that stretches your notions of what’s possible.


I’m here to help you excavate that dream — that expression of your soul’s calling — and then make that dream a reality. I’m here to help you level up in every way — by clearing your internal terrain to prepare you for greatness, by strategizing for success, and by laying the foundation and structures for implementation. I’m here to help you design the life you came here to live in full alignment with your heart and soul. Now is the time. The world needs you and the gifts you came to share — now more than ever! 

What exactly is the Core Connection Process?

I'm honored to share this wonderful interview by the brilliant Dr. Ruth Anderson, founder of Enlightened World Network. In her inimitable way, Ruth was able to tease the essence of my signature Core Connection work from me, as well as the details of the invitational coaching program. This is the best description out there and I thank Ruth for her incisive questions and her generosity in showcasing this work.

What people are saying...

Alexa Henderson

Co-Owner of Next Level Trainings
Emotional Intelligence Trainings


Her work and abilities are amazing! My first time to experience a Core Connection session was about a month ago. I was consciously aware of holding onto self-limiting ideas about myself for decades....(ideas of Hispanic race and of being gay) and had been “working on them” over the years. 
Mira’s work with me made an immediate shift. I feared that the rubber band on my inertia would snap me back to the old bad thought habits.....but no!! I am standing in a new light, a new self-assessment, new self-confidence.

Dr. Ken Campos, MD, DFAPA

Schizophrenia expert

WOW, a short coaching session with Mira has brought me more insights and results than a high priced 1 year long coaching program!!! Mira is amazing, so effective, so clear, so deeply loving! She asked a couple of questions I have never been asked before and boooooom, I was immediately in the core of my vision, filled with inspiration and energy!!! Amazing. Thank You Mira Rubin, you are such a gift to this world!

Alhiama Ágnes Éber

Radiant Love

Alhiama Ágnes Éber
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