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From the Blueprint...

My name is Mira Rubin, and I’m here to help you dream your biggest dream — the dream that calls you to live beyond the limits of who you believe yourself to be, that stretches your notions of what’s possible. I dare you to dream a dream SO big that it makes your spine tingle and your heart race, one so epic that your first response to it is a resounding “NO WAY! That’s far too big a dream to even imagine, let alone something I could accomplish.” That’s the dream for YOU — the one that is both terrifying in its enormity and exhilarating in its scope. That’s the dream that will lead you on the mission you came here to fulfill.

When I stepped into and took ownership of my mission and purpose in November of 2017, I stepped into an entirely new life. Since that time, the commitment I have to something greater than myself has given me a level of resilience and courage that I

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couldn’t previously have begun to imagine. It has guided my decisions, reshaped my priorities and opened the way to unpredictable and unprecedented growth and opportunity. In short, it has given me a reason to live — a mission and purpose that motivates, challenges, excites and delights me. 

I want that for you. I want you to live a life that lights you up while you light up the world. I want you to be inspired, with an unbounded capacity for growth and expansion. I want you to awaken to and step into your soul’s calling whole-heartedly and become unstoppable in your expression of life.

Congratulations! You are embarking on a sacred journey and the universe will move mountains to support you in it. This is why you’re here: to find your purpose and live it. The world needs you — now more than ever. Now is the time to step into your mission and rise to your greatness!

All love, 

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