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Living in alignment with your values is essential to feeling fulfilled. That said, many of us are unaware of what our values actually are. Core Connection Cards are a powerful tool to discover more about what makes you tick and the values that drive your decisions and motivations.

Uses for Core Connection Cards are actually endless! Use them to gain greater personal insight, deepen family relationships, create a values-based vision or mission, help identify your ideal job or as a tool to bridge differences. Use them as an icebreaker, to connect more deeply with others, to teach emotional intelligence or simply pick one for inspiration throughout your day. Your imagination is the limit!


One use of the cards is to identify the values that influence your decisions and reactions. Moving quickly through the cards, select 5 or 6 that most reflect what you value in life, then arrange them in order of priority.

A good guiding question to winnow down the final number of cards and establish their order of priority is, "Which is more important? (Creativity or Beauty for example.) The resulting hierarchy represents your core values and is an exceptional tool for self-awareness.

When you are aware of them, you can use your values to consciously guide your choices, identify points of friction and/or action and achieve greater alignment in all areas of life.



Another use of the cards is to find the patterns that inspire and motivate you.

Sort through the cards quickly, keeping all those that resonate and setting aside those that don't. Arrange the remaining cards in "constellations" of related cards, those that serve to explain, amplify or result as a consequence of a primary card in the group. By recognizing the progression of motivators that are specific to you, you can employ them in a deliberate way to achieve intended outcomes.

An example from Jon Quénard
(Core Connection Coaching Program Participant)

Head of Marketing: Cadence, The Event Experience Platform -

Cadence is a fun, elegant, and powerful events platform that's transforming the way people plan, experience, and remember events

Going in deeper with each of my values. Here’s how I’m interpreting them so far:

INSPIRATION is where everything starts for me. I’m inspired by people’s and NATURE's AUTHENTICITY , PLAYFULNESS and grand AMBITIONS.

When I feel INSPIRED, I TRUST myself to have the COURAGE to be DISCIPLINED and have a ton of FUN in the process.

This leads me to ACHIEVE great things using COMPETITION (gets me fired up) and PATIENCE. FITNESS can be an aspect of competition.

I’m in a state of BLISS before, during, and after ACHIEVING milestones, which makes me so GRATEFUL and gives me so much CLARITY.

That CLARITY makes it easy for me to INFLUENCE people by LOVING them and showing them their own POWER so they can become an INSPIRATION themself (full circle)

jon_quenard_spread copy.jpg


Use the cards as a tool to explore your inner landscape

An example from Lisa Bodey 
(Core Connection Coaching Program Participant)

Organizer: Crestone Energy Fair:

"I had no idea what I would do with the cards when I received them...I just sat with them and moved them around for 10 days. Then in yesterday's meditation it all just poured in. I've never created a video like this before. So I hope this is inspiring for everyone that we are all rising to new levels in ways we may have never imagined."


from Kristin Reihman, MD 
(Core Connection Coaching Program Participant)

Owner, Kristin Clague Reihman, MD, LLC

Kristin used the cards with family, creating a free-association imagination game and an opportunity to deepen insight.

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