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Do you dream of living life from a place of meaning and purpose?

Are you ready to catapult your leadership into the next dimension?

I coach the coaches, the teachers and the healers. I work with visionaries and changemakers harnessing business and finances as a vehicle for positive planetary change.  I work with people committed to becoming who they need to be to fulfill their biggest dreams — people who, like me, are actively working to create a world that works.


Let's talk:

  • If you are clear that you are the creator of your own experience

  • If you're up to big things and are ready to go to the next level

  • If you dream of making a global impact


If you're up for the challenge, our work together will

  • Open new vistas of unimagined possibility

  • Refine and provide focus for your vision

  • Support you in taking directed and effective action

  • Clear the barriers between you and achievement of your dreams

  • Create a path to a rewarding life/living that's aligned with your heart




The Core Connection process shifts your foundation of being and opens you to a world of new opportunity, experience and accomplishment. Expect an amplified sense of freedom and empowered stewardship of your life. Transformations occur in all areas of living and can include release of life-long trauma, phobias, self-destructive beliefs and behaviors as well as breakthroughs in business, money, relationship and more. 


The process is so powerful because it is guided by you and your own inner knowing. Each of us can be thought of as a bio-computer with a knowledge base that extends well beyond conscious memory to include everything we've ever experienced and more. Through the Core Connection Process, we access your inner knowing and then use keys provided by that other-than-conscious awareness to unlock and release the internal dynamics that have kept you rooted in unproductive patterns, ushering you into a greater experience of freedom. 

This is deep work with a profound impact. To ensure optimal benefit, a minimum commitment​ of 3 sessions is required.

  • The per session fee is $2000 U.S.

  • The 3-session package, paid in full in advance, is $5500.00 (a savings of $500.00)

I GUARANTEE a measurable and meaningful result at the end of the very first session or I will refund your payment in full and that will complete our work together.

Please schedule a FREE discovery call so we can get to know each other and start you on the journey to your dreams.

Right now, there are two ways we can work together...​


Open by invitation to a select group of people, this is a transformational program of intensive one-on-one work. We will meet weekly for a one-on-one 90-minute session with additional sessions as needed.

The program fee is $7000 U.S./month with each enrollment cycle lasting 3 months.

After the first 3 month cycle, you will have the option to continue at the same monthly rate for as long as you continue with consecutive cycles. There will be a one-month break between cycles for a schedule of 3 months on, 1 month off. Cycles begin in October, February and June.

When paid in full in advance, the fee for a 3-month cycle is $18,500,  a savings of $2,500.

With a full year commitment of 3 cycles, paid in full in advance, the fee is $50,000, a savings of $13,000

Each month of the program includes:

Unlimited Deep Dive Sessions
with a baseline of 1 session per week

Each session is  approximately 90 minutes in length and will be targeted to the highest priority needs of the moment. These sessions can include deep transformational work through the Core Connection Process (described above), strategy sessions, business coaching and more.

Unlimited 15-minute Laser Coaching Sessions:

It's remarkable how much can be accomplished in 15-minutes. You state the intention of the session when you book the appointment and that will be our focus when we meet by phone or on Zoom.

This work is not for the faint of heart. It is powerful, profound and life altering. If you have the courage and commitment to exponentially transform your experience of yourself and your life, this program is an opportunity to create unprecedented magic.

To learn more please schedule a 30-minute discovery call so we can get acquainted and determine if the program is right for you. A new experience of yourself and your life awaits.

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